Trust Fund Committee

The Trust Fund Commission manages the Town’s various trust funds. Each of the current funds have been donated, setup and dedicated towards supporting a particular department/purpose in Town, such as the School Department, the Littleton Lyceum, the Scholarship Trust, and animal welfare. Funds are invested according to board policy/input (as well as input by the Town Treasurer) in a portfolio by a private firm called Bartholomew and Company. Annually, the earnings/dividends of each fund are disbursed for their respective purposes in certain amounts determined/voted by the board. Some funds, like the School Dept., also require Town meeting approval to be dispersed. The Commission also has two of its own trust fund scholarships (F.M. Kimball I I and Morrison) that it offers each year to graduates, recent graduates, and residents seeking to go back to school.

Member                                         (serving until)

David Stevens, Chairman                 2017

Tyler Gray, Member                         2019

Andrew Sammarco, Clerk              2018