Planning Board

The Planning Board was established in 1946 to review proposed Residential and Commercial Development in Littleton according to the State Subdivision Control Law, the State Zoning Act, and local Zoning Bylaws and Subdivision Regulations. The Planning Board is the issuing authority for Site Plan Review, and many of the Special Permits according to the Town Bylaws.

Planning Board officials are elected for a five year term.


Planning Board 2017                                    (serving until)    (serving since)

Peter Scott, Chairman                                        2019                      2011

Ed Mullen, Vice Chair                                          2020                    2015

Jamie Cruz, Clerk                                                  2021                     2016

Mark Montanari                                                  2022                   2000 (note: records go back to 2000, Montanari has served longer)

Richard Crowley                                                    2018                   2008


Meeting Info:

Planning Board meetings are generally held the 1st Thursday of each month.