Housing Authority

The board of overseers of the LHA meet generally once a month to review expenses via the checkbook register and the budget (YTD actual vs planned); hear the report of the executive director on vacancies, repairs, problems, issues; listen to any resident comments/concerns; and occasionally make policy decisions.

Most recently, the LHA discussed whether we should we have a no-smoking policy and how strict should it be. The LHA approves vendor contracts for big ticket items. Two members of the board have to sign each check that goes out.

In addition, the LHA reviews the director’s contract and the proposed annual budget. The director has some other work (qualifying applicants for low income subsidized housing lotteries in other towns) that we approve because some of that money flows into the LHA budget.  The LHA also advocates in the town for more housing. One LHA board member is appointed to be a member of the CPC.

Member                                     (serving until)

Joanne Courtemanche, Tenant                    2020

Michael Morey, Vice-Chairman                  2018

Mildred McGovern, Chairman                     2022

Gino Frattallone, Treasurer                          2020 State Appointee

Bartlett Harvey                                               2021