Board & Committee Meetings – September 28-October 1, 2020

Plan ahead for the coming week! Here’s a list of board and committee meetings for the week of SEPTEMBER 28-OCTOBER 1, 2020. Please note that meetings may be added and that agendas may continue to be posted to the website.

Be sure to check the TOWN CALENDAR ( for updates. Note that the official posting place for meeting agendas is the bulletin board outside of town offices.In compliance with Open Meeting Laws, agendas must be posted 48 hours prior to a meeting. Many meetings are televised and available for live-streaming or later viewing on LCTV.

DUE TO COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS, ALL MEETINGS ARE BEING CONDUCTED VIRTUALLY. Zoom links for individual meetings are available in agenda links listed below or via the Town Calendar.


*** Select Board Meeting – Zoom Meeting ***

September 28, 2020 – 7:00pm

Agenda highlights:

> Approval of transfer station contract

> Public/member input

> Cannabis Control Commission notification of a Marijuana Establishment for Community Care Collective – Authorize Town Administrator to complete and sign

> Town administrator update

Agenda available online:

*** Conservation Commission Meeting – Zoom Meeting ***

September 28, 2020 – 7:30pm

Agenda highlights:

> The Point Conservation Restriction

> Requests for Certificate of Compliance – Bennett Orchard and 265 Foster St (Tabled)

> Land Use Permit – Town Tree Hunt

> Town Meeting Warrants – including leash law

> Grove Road Violations

> Public Hearings & Discussion: NOI 50 Russell St failed septic; 54 Bruce Street Enforcement order; Wellington Circle; NOI Ayer Road Mass DOT gully repair; NOI Healy Corner – 195 Tahattawan Road; NOI 336-338 King Street; 5 Scott Road Enforcement order; 151 and 153 Taylor Street; 628 Newton proposed shed; Keolis Commuter Services – wetland delineation

Agenda available online:


*** Master Plan Implementation Committee Meeting – Zoom Meeting ***


Agenda highlights:

> Discuss MPIC work for FY 2021

Agenda available online:

*** LCTV Advisory Committee Meeting – Zoom Meeting ***


Agenda highlights:

> Report of Executive Director

> Subcommittee reports – Fall Town Meeting Capital

Agenda available online:


*** Cultural Council Meeting – Zoom Meeting ***


Agenda not yet available online.


*** Board of Assessors Meeting – Zoom Meeting ***


Agenda not yet available online.

*** Planning Board Meeting – Zoom Webinar ***


Agenda highlights:

1.   6:30 Board Business
        A. Public Input
        B. Board Member Updates
        C. Minutes: Sept. 10, 2020
        D. Bills and Payroll
        E. Town Meeting Preparation
2.   6:45 Public Hearing – Zoning Bylaw Amendment Wireless Telecommunications – Small Cell Technology/5G
         LINK to PB page (scroll to….FALL 2020 Town Meeting) 
         Comment from G. Schwei
3.   7:00 Site Plan Review – Cedar Hill Water Storage Tank
           Site Plan
           Site Plan Review checklist
           DRAFT Decision
4.   7:15 Public Hearing – 22 King Street – Aquifer District Special Permit Application and Site Plan Review – add parking lot and site improvements
           LINK to 22 King Street project page 
           Initial peer review from Green Intl. will be available prior to PB meeting
5.   7:45 Public Hearing – 151 and 153 Taylor Street – Major Commercial/Industrial Use Special Permit, Water Resource District Special Permit, and Site Plan for Amazon “Last Mile” warehouse operation
             LINK to 151 and 153 Taylor Street project page
             Initial/overview revie from Green Intl. will be available prior to PB meeting
6.  8:15 Continued Public Hearings – 336 and 338 King Street – Senior Residential Development and Aquifer and Water Resource District Special Permits – “Hager Homestead”
             LINK to Hager Homestead project page
             new information for Oct. 1 Public Hearing include comment letters from Congregational Church, Littleton resident, and new architectural plans
7.  8:45 Street Acceptances for Town Meeting – Planning Board Recommendations:
            A. Edward Drive (Bennett Orchard)
            B. Chestnut Lane
            C. Couper Farm Lane, Vint Lane, Field Lane
            D. Balsam Lane, Fraser Street, Spruce Street, Fir Lane, Red Cedar Way, Douglas Road (partial) and Cypress Lane
8.  9:15 Staff Performance Objectives FY21
             Draft Performance Review Objectives
             Additional info for Performance Review Objectives
             PB Goals adopted July 2020
             Toohill Recommendation Performance Objectives

Agenda available online:

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