September 23-27, 2019: BOARD & COMMITTEE MEETINGS

Plan ahead for the coming week! Here’s a list of board and committee meetings for the week of SEPTEMBER 23-27, 2019. Please note that meetings may be added and that agendas may continue to be posted to the website.
Be sure to check the TOWN CALENDAR for updates. Note that the official posting place for meeting agendas is the bulletin board outside of town offices.
In compliance with Open Meeting Laws, agendas must be posted 48 hours prior to a meeting. Many meetings are televised and available for live-streaming or later viewing on LCTV.


Library Working Group – Couper Room

September 23, 2019 – 3:00pm
Agenda highlights:
  • Design Update
  • Schedule
  • Budget
  • Utilities
  • Site Survey
  • New Business
Agenda available online:
Agenda highlights:
  • 6-6:30 Executive Session (closed to public)
  • 6:35 – Department/Board Updates – Private Way Plowing & Sanding Services 2019-2020; FY2021 budget book; Munis contract amendment
  • Nashoba Valley Tech Proclamation for 50 years
  • Oct 28, Special Town Meeting – order of articles
  • Sewer Home Rule Petition for LELWD
  • Library Project Updates/Information
  • Update of Town Policy Review
  • Adopt 2019-2020 Goal Topics
  • Inter-Board Communications
  • Town Admin – Building Commissioner Grade
Agenda available online:
Agenda highlights:
  • Admin Discussion
  • 30 Taylor Street – installation of fencing
  • 9 Ayer Road – 3 new houses
  • 195 Tahattawan – Healy Corner – construction of an open space development w/ multiple single family dwellings
  • 49 Matawanakee Trail – demo of existing house and new construction
  • Lot 13 Chestnut Lane – construction of new house
  • MBTA Parking Lot – improvements and expansion
  • Lot 7 Chestnut Lane Notice of Intent (NOI)
Agenda available online:


Agenda highlights:
  • Appoint FinCom rep to Designer Choice Committee
  • Review and vote on warrant articles for Fall Town Meeting
  • Public Input
  • Member Updates
Agenda available online:
Agenda highlights:
  • Admin matters – sign permits, discussion Healy Corner
  • 277 Tahattawan – variance request
  • 17 Spruce Street Durkee Farm – variance request, percolation rate
  • 31 Shattuck Street – upgrade approval
Agenda available online:
Agenda highlights:
  • Review open developments
  • Sidewalk program update/review
  • Bike Rack at Train station is full
Agenda available online:


Historical Commission Meeting – Room 307


Agenda highlights:

  • 12 Robinson Road Updates
  • Updates to the Town’s Building/Demolition Permit Application process to ensure compliance with the demolition delay bylaw
  • Status of new signs/plaques on granite historical markers
  • Status of CPA Funding projects for Fall Town Meeting
Agenda available online:


Library Trustees Meeting – Houghton Historical Rm – Library

Agenda highlights:
  • Vote to approve project warrant in Fall Town Meeting
Agenda available online:


7:00 Littleton Middle School

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