February 11-14, 2019: BOARD & COMMITTEE MEETINGS

Plan ahead for the coming week! Here’s a list of board and committee meetings for the week of FEBRUARY 11-14, 2019.

Please note that meetings may be added and that agendas may continue to be posted to the website. Be sure to check the TOWN CALENDAR for updates. Note that the official posting place for meeting agendas is the bulletin board outside of town offices. In compliance with Open Meeting Laws, agendas must be posted 48 hours prior to a meeting. Many meetings are televised and available for live-streaming or later viewing on LCTV.


Council on Aging Meeting – Room 307

February 11, 2019 – 1:30pm

Agenda highlights:
  • Update: town Building & Space Needs Analysis Working Group
  • DCU Discussion
  • Littleton Common Revitalization Roadmap
Agenda available online:

Board of Selectmen Meeting – Room 103

February 11, 2019 – 6:00pm
Agenda highlights:
  • Department Updates – LCAC
  • Littleton Common Revitalization Study
  • Public Input
  • Town Meeting for May 6, 2019 – open warrants
  • Lot 107 Invasive Species Management
  • Joint Meeting w/ Historical Commission – Baker House, 12 Robinson Road (Updates, Draft Preservation Restriction, Maintenance)
  • 7:45 pm – Town Building & Space Needs Committee – 255 Great Road (DCU building)
  • 8:15 pm – Library Trustees – Library Project Update
  • Littleton Country Gardeners – request to use Town Common
  • Community Compact (financial best practices)
Agenda available online:
BOS Packet:

Historical Commission Meeting – Room 103

February 11, 2019 – 6:00pm
  • Joint meeting with BOS – see BOS agenda.

Library Trustees Meeting – Room 103

February 11, 2019 – 6:30pm
  • Joint meeting with BOS – see BOS agenda.

Conservation Commission Meeting – Room 307

February 11, 2019 – 7:30pm
Agenda highlights:
  • NOI – 27 Fort Pond Road
  • Long Lake Beaver Control
  • Cloverdale Parking Concept
Agenda available online:


Agenda available online:
Agenda highlights:
  • Discussion on Daddy Daughter Dance
  • Request for approval of updated job descriptions
  • Continued field usage fees discussion
  • 2019 Beach Maintenance
  • Upcoming Events
Agenda available online:
Agenda not yet available online.
Agenda available online:
Agenda available online:


Economic Development Committee Meeting-Room 103

Agenda highlights:
  • Explore tentative updates to EDC mission statement
  • Review Master Plan EDC objectives and strategies
  • Discuss establishing policies/procedures/insurance premium around filming productions in Littleton

AgCom Meeting – Room 307

Agenda highlights:
  • Member reports on assigned action items
  • Orchard Lease
  • Church Meadows
  • Right to Farm community signs


Agenda highlights:
  • Budget Discussion

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