July 31-August 4, 2017: Board & Committee Meetings

Plan ahead for the coming week! Here’s a list of board and committee meetings for the week of July 31-August 4, 2017.

Please note that meetings may be added and that agendas may continue to be posted to the website. Be sure to check the TOWN CALENDAR for updates. Note that the official posting place for meeting agendas is the bulletin board outside of town offices. In compliance with Open Meeting Laws, agendas must be posted 48 hours prior to a meeting. 

Note that some meetings are televised and available for live-streaming or later viewing on LCTV.

Tuesday, August 1

8/1/2017 – Master Plan Implementation Committee

7:00 pm, Room 103 (Town Offices)

Agenda highlights:

  • Report on fund request to BOS
  • Establishing routine of visits and presentations by MPIC members to Town Committees and Organizations-Keyed to Projects
  • Projects Discussion and trade-offs
  • Consultant qualifications
  • Public input

Full agenda available online: http://www.littletonma.org/filestorage/19733/19769/42714/42716/42718/Master_Plan_Implementation_Agenda_08_01_2017.pdf

Wednesday, August 2

8/2/2017 – Cemetery Commissioners

10:00 am, Cemetery Admin Building, 7 New Estate Road

Full agenda posted online: http://www.littletonma.org/filestorage/19733/19769/21663/22531/39373/Cemetery_Agenda_08_02_2017.pdf

8/2/2017 – Construction Meetings

1:00 – 3:00 pm, Room 307 (Town Offices)

8/2/2017 – Historical Commission

7:00 pm, Room 103 (Town Offices)

Agenda Highlights:

  • 260 Foster Street
  • 12 Robinson Road
  • Town Master Plan – Implementation of historical goals, planning
  • Porter Road Bridge
  • Revolutionary War Veteran – Purple Heart Ceremony Planning
  • Long Store Building – storage update
  • Old Burial Ground Monument Conservation Project
  • Historical Markers – planning for inventory of existing markers
  • Planning to improve effectiveness of existing demolition delay bylaw

Full agenda posted online: http://www.littletonma.org/filestorage/19733/19769/21687/23492/39434/Historical_Agenda_08_02_2017.pdf

8/2/2017 – PMBC Meeting

7:00 pm, Room 103 (Town Offices)

Agenda Highlights:

  • Updates: Fire station, alumni field, building roofs
  • Review of 3 year outlook projects
  • Member Input

Full agenda posted online: http://www.littletonma.org/filestorage/19733/19769/21709/24020/39472/PMBC_Agenda_08_02_2017.pdf

Thursday, August 3

8/3/2017 – COA Housing Sub Committee

10:00 am, COA, Room 230 (Town Offices)

Agenda Highlights:

  • Senior Housing Bylaw, Inclusionary Zoning, Housing Trust Fund
  • Where do we go from here?

Full agenda posted online: http://www.littletonma.org/filestorage/19733/19769/21675/23124/39357/COA_Housing_Agenda_08_03_2017.pdf

8/3/2017 – Planning Board

7:00 pm, Room 103 (Town Offices)

  • As of Monday, July 31 no agenda yet posted online.

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